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Helping Foster Families with Journey Bags, 
 Tangible Needs & Education

FLM Foster Family Donations 2.jpg
FLM Foster Family Donations.jpg
FLM Journey Bag Drive.jpg
FLM 7th Day Donation Photo.jpg

Helping Social Workers &
Stocking Visitations Rooms

FLM Fitgit toy donation.jpg
FLM Lunch for Social Workers.jpg
FLM Social Workers.jpg

Helping Prevention Families
& Aged-out Foster Youth

FLM Age-out Youth Houseware assistance.jpg
FLM Age-out Youth Houseware assistance 2.jpg
FLM CARE Meeting Education Teacher.jpg

Recent Event Photos

FLM Christmas Breakfast.jpg
FLM Christmas Wish List Foster Children.jpg
FLM Christmas Breakfast 2.jpg
FLM Christmas Breakfast 6.jpg
FLM Christmas Breakfast 7.jpg
FLM Christmas Wish List Foster Children 2.jpg
FLM Christmas Breakfast 4.jpg
FLM Christmas Breakfast 3.jpg
FLM Christmas Breakfast 5.jpg
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