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Outreach is one of the most important parts of what FLM provides our community.   We utilize partnerships with organizations throughout our community who come alongside FLM to help with our outreach.  Together we serve children entering foster care and the resource families that care for them.  These organizations that come along side FLM are called First Responders.  These organizations chose a month a year to work with FLM to help provide resource families and the children they are caring for items they may need at time of placement.   Below are examples of some things that our Outreach Team & First Responders provided during the month for families with new placements.  Also, read more below about the organizations in our community we are so very thankful have stepped up to be First Responders and find out how your organization can be a First Responder as well:

Ensuring each child that enters foster care is given a Journey Bag full of new items that will help them feel comfortable and loved upon entering a new home.


Deliver dinner to resource families within the first few days of placement to help families have more time to spend getting to know each other.

Baby Strollers

Provide resource families with emergent needs at time of placement.  Items like bedding, car seats, baby items, clothing, teen items, and more.

Heart & Hands

We support Social Services by celebrating and acknowledging the social workers with a yearly luncheon and a small gift of appreciation, as well as stocking the visitation room with snacks and cleaning supplies for visiting bio-families.

Our First Responders

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Club of Staunton

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