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Donate to FLM Today

Donating to FLM, whether it be a onetime donation or a level donor, you will be coming alongside FLM to enable support, outreach, and prevention services to at-risk and foster-placed children and youth and the families that care for them.  Use our "donate" buttons below to chose you level of support via PayPal or you can mail in your donation to our address listed in our "About Us" tab.

Platinum Partner


Your conation of $1500 could provide dinners for our CARE meetings for foster-families and their children for 7 meetings, where families receive support, trauma informed education, and a sense of community.

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Gold Partner


Your donation of $750 would provide 3 families with emergent needs like car-seats, cribs & bedding, clothing, winter coats, school supplies, baby gear, diapers, formula, special hair care, books, toys, or teen items.

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Silver Partner


Your donation of $500 would provide 5 Journey Bags for newly place foster children, filled with new pajamas, toiletries, comforting blankets & toys, journals, fidget toys, and more importantly giving them a sense of dignity.

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Foster Friends $250 Partner

With your $250 donation you could provide 5 families with a pizza delivery the night of their foster-placement to help with the burden of cooking dinner.

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Make a One-Time Donation

Making a one-time donation to FLM can help us provide foster children, resource families, and our local social workers with needed items and support.

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