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FLM Outreach

Offering support to those in the foster care field is one of our biggest honors.  Those that support the local foster children, and their resource families is a 24/7 job.  Those of us at Foster Love Ministries feel it is important to make sure that our local social workers are cared for as well as the area at our local DSS offices that host children and their bio parents for visitation.  When you become a donor, partner, or First Responder your time and funds will be used to help those that work tirelessly for these children and their families as well.  Below are some of the ways we support the social-working community.

Monthly CARE Meetings.  These meetings help foster families earn their continued education credits while getting support & learning skills to help them be the best advocate for their foster child.  Families are also provided dinner and childcare during meetings.

Party Props

We provide food and entertainment for SVSS's annual foster care picnic and SVSS's annual adoption celebration.

Little Girl with Christmas Present

We help fulfil the Holiday-Wish-Lists for foster at-risk and aged out youth in our area.

Lunch Date

We will often host events for foster parents.  Things like parents' night out, adoption events, and other special gifts for foster families.

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