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FLM Support

Offering support to those in the foster care field is one of our biggest honors.  Those that support the local foster children, and their resource families is a 24/7 job.  Those of us at Foster Love Ministries feel it is important to make sure that our local social workers are cared for as well as the area at our local DSS offices that host children and their bio parents for visitation.  When you become a donor, partner, or First Responder your time and funds will be used to help those that work tirelessly for these children and their families as well.  Below are some of the ways we support the social-working community.

We provide a meal at least once a year to Social Workers to let them know how much we appreciate all they do for foster children, biological families, and resource families.

We provide food for the yearly foster-family picnic that SVSS holds during the summer months.

We provide items for visitation rooms at DSS to help children's visitation with their bio-parents run smoothly. We provide things like books, snacks, drinks, fidget toys, and cleaning supplies.  

We provide a photo booth for SVSS yearly adoption celebration in the fall.

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