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About Us

Foster Love Ministries is a local non-profit that helps support local foster families and the children that are placed in their care. We have many ways you can help and what may be best is to let you know what we do and maybe you can see what you think might work best for you and/or your family!

We provide new placements with age / gender appropriate backpacks so they do not have to be placed with a trash bag or worse, possibly nothing. We have a list of suggested items that each backpack could be filled with. We also hold monthly support group meetings for our local foster families. We work to provide dinner and babysitting so that our parents can either earn their requirements for further education or just a place to come and get support from other foster families. We also provide “first responding needs” . This includes items foster families might need with a new placement (cribs, car seats, high chairs, clothing, shoes, diapers, bedding or other special items they might need.). We always are willing to take donations of items or monetary donations that we can use toward some of these needs.

I hope you found this information helpful & maybe you even found something that you might have interest in. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

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