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Journey Bags

Did you know when a child enters foster care a trash bag is used to hold their personal belongings?  A TRASH BAG!  With the help of our journey-bag list or our Amazon wish-list tabs, you fill a backpack and show a child they are loved and not forgotten.  This a perfect service project for individual families as well as groups.  Whether it be one backpack or a car full, this is one of the most important service opportunities FLM is part of.  To learn more about Journey Bags watch our video below.  If you or your organization would like to make Journey Bags, please see our suggestion list or Amazon-Wish-List links below so that you can make sure you're including the items needed.  You will also need to print off a Journey Bag Tag to put on each bag so that we will know the age / gender / size of items included in your bag.  Contact us for any further question.

Below on the LEFT you will find a typed list of items to include in each Journey Bag.  To the RIGHT, you will find a clickable link to our Amazon Wish List for items for each age / gender / size. (g= girl & b= boy)  By using the "Print Tag" button below you will be able to print a tag you can attach to your Journey Bag to label the age / gender / size of the bag.

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