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Foster Fridays: The Wait

My husband and I started our foster licensing classes in March of 2017. We had just moved to Virginia in February, and a lot of necessary documents had to be sent from our old state. I spent months being impatient and frustrated. It wasn’t until August that we were fully approved.  Then in September we had a problem with our home, and thought we wouldn’t be able to foster there. Thankfully, the problem was solved. Before it was though, I remember being crushed by disappointment. We had been so excited! We couldn’t wait to start! We’d waited so long! Our son was placed with us at the end of October 2017. I still remember how hard it was to wait for him, but that time was filled with as much excitement as it was impatience for me. The wait was very different for him. 

I want to encourage people who are currently struggling during “the wait”- use that energy to pray for your kids. While your complaining that a document got lost, your kid might be wondering if she’s going to eat today. While you’re stressed about getting your house interview-ready on top of everything else you have on your plate, your kid might have strangers coming into his house to buy drugs. When you find out there are another 5 forms you need to complete and you’re over it, your kid might be hiding in a closet somewhere, listening to screaming. When your looking longingly into the empty room that you decorated with such love and care, your kid might be making himself into a human shield to protect a younger sibling. 

It’s so easy to get impatient or stressed. Just remember- “the wait” is much harder for your kid than it is for you. 

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