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Foster Fridays: Support

This season of life has been hard for my family. We’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, and taken several financial and material hits. The past 3 months have honestly felt like one kick after another.

I’ve been reminded during this time of how badly I need community, especially foster care community. I had multiple people willing to provide respite care. There were two different days- a month apart- where both of our cars were unavailable, and each time friends helped us collect our son from school.

The most recent blow was one of our cars dying completely (right after we’d replaced a main part, naturally.) What was initially yet another huge source of pain and frustration, ended up being a blessing. We ultimately bought a van from another foster family. We love the vehicle, and the buying experience was wonderful. They said they wanted to sell it to us because they loved the idea of the van going on to help more kids. If my old car hadn’t broken down at this time, I wouldn’t have gotten to do business with these incredible people.

In case you don’t know, Foster Love Ministries holds support groups in Waynesboro for foster families. We’d love to see you there and become a part of your support system! You can learn more and RSVP to this month’s group on our Facebook.

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