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Foster Fridays: Spotlight on First Baptist

We wanted to spotlight one of our local churches that’s decided to walk beside us and serve foster families! First Baptist has been supportive of Foster Love Ministries from the beginning, and they are always willing to serve. In addition to being First Responders, here are some other ways they have stepped up to support kids in crisis.

They have a drive for Journey Bag supplies every year. Here’s Pastor Lacey praying over Journey Bags with children from the church. We love and appreciate how FB seeks to bring kids into their different ministry outreaches!

FB hosted our Foster Care Summits last year, and the Empowered to Connect conference this year. A lot of behind-the-scenes work and preparation goes into making these events a reality, and hosting us was a big commitment and responsibility. We were so grateful for FB’s willingness!

FB hosts FLM’s support groups for parents. They provide space for parents to meet, and additional rooms for childcare. They also recently hosted our Foster Parent’s Paint Night Out.

First Baptist is one of a few local churches we are so blessed to team up with. If you’d like to join us through becoming a First Responder like First Baptist, message us on Facebook today! Much thanks to First Baptist, and to our other local partner churches!

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