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Foster Fridays: Spotlight- Foster Family Frenzy

On September 28, Bridge Church in Fishersville hosted their first Foster Family Frenzy. Several months of organizing and planning went into this event, and it was excellent. 

The group went above and beyond in all respects. Not only did they provide very organized and free childcare, but they made sure the kids had an amazing time. They rented a bounce castle, bought canvases and paint for beautiful art projects, and supplied lots of food options for the children. My toddler was nervous when we dropped him off, but was very happy when we picked him up, talking about the fun he had. They got the kids little flashlights and bracelets to take home too. 

Bridge gave each parent/couple a thank-you card (which made me cry,) that included generous funds to go on a date. A three-hour date, no less! 

You will often hear us at FLM say that while not everyone can foster, everyone can do something. We also believe strongly that every church should play some role, big or small, in foster care/ adoption ministry. So many congregants from Bridge turned out to volunteer their time. They greeted us joyfully and worked hard. It was such a beautiful display of the Body of Christ, serving and loving.

My husband and I were completely blown away by all that they did for our family.

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