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Foster Fridays: Meet Jenn

Meet Jenn! She co-founded FLM, and serves as our director! She’s been a resource parent for several years, and adopted four of her eight children through foster care. She’s passionate about serving the foster community, and providing both educational and tangible resources for foster parents. Thank you, Jenn!

Jenn is a PICU nurse (currently in her final semester to become a nurse practitioner!) Her first fostering experience was parenting an infant who started as her patient.

She eventually was able to adopt him, and working his case taught her more about the great need for resource homes in our area. Since then, she has had several foster-only cases, and adopted 3 older children. Each experience has given her tools that she now uses to help other foster parents. Jenn plans to open her home again soon (after she graduates!)

Jenn says she thought her family was complete at 6 kids, but when she got a call about a little girl who was very sick, she felt compelled to step up again. Ultimately, she adopted this child and her brother. Jenn describes foster care as willingly walking into brokenness, and embracing and honoring the hard things to watch God's redemption play out in our homes.

"Why do we foster? Simply, we foster because of the love Jesus has given us. This relentless, redemptive love. Foster Care is about allowing your life to be interrupted. Jesus was always willing to be interrupted, and to meet people right where they were. Foster Care is about seeing the forgotten as chosen."

We're so thankful to have Jenn as our fearless leader here at FLM!

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