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Foster Fridays: Filled Retreat

Harvey Cedars beach on Long Beach Island, NJ

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to attend a retreat for foster and adoptive mothers.

It was called “Filled.” It was hosted by Foster the Family’s Jamie Finn, and held in Harvey Cedars, NJ. Women came from all over the country to be there!

The retreat itself was amazing. There were training opportunities on a variety of different subjects. Pam Parrish, author, adoptive parent and founder of Connections Homes (an Atlanta-based organization working with young adults who've aged out of foster care,) was there to speak to us. She led a phenomenal Bible study on not doubting your calling even when it’s difficult. There were fun activities and massages! The attention to detail was amazing. There were cozy socks and sleep masks waiting for us upon arrival, and coffee and cookies available around the clock.  I can’t recommend enough for you to check out Filled 2020!

By far though, the best thing I got from the retreat was interaction with so many other foster and adoptive moms. I was reminded of why I foster myself while listening to them talk about their kids. Heartbreaking story after story. Even in while in the middle of my own case, it was so important for me to be reminded of how many children there are in foster care. The need for homes is so urgent. I was given fresh motivation to continue fostering well into the future.  It was so incredibly refreshing to be with other parents who have a heart for kids that need homes, who are trauma informed, and who could relate to the chaotic life of foster care. Also here’s the sign that greeted me when I found my hotel room, assuring me I was with the right people!

I highly recommend looking for events in your area where you can meet other foster parents, and be refreshed and motivated!

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