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Foster Fridays: Dealing With Some Anger

Today was rough. Today I heard more about his past. It made sense, and it confirmed some suspicions we've had, based off of certain behaviors. Today I dealt with anger. At people who've hurt him, and at people who don't understand him. At people who think he's spoiled when he cries, and at people who claim he can't have trauma because he was removed early. At a society that isn't trauma informed, and judges people who've been through heck. I can be mad at the unfairness, I can email articles, but what does it really change? All I can do that will actually matter is love him and strive to be a better parent. I can work on my "gentle" parenting, something I struggle with in my nature. I can commit to educating myself more, and to being his advocate. Today I'll be angry. Tomorrow I'll keep working.

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