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Foster Fridays: Bridge Christian Church Spotlight

A sample of the kind of basket Bridge wants to bless foster families with.

We wanted to spotlight one of our local churches that’s decided to walk beside us and serve foster families! We had the opportunity to visit Bridge Christian Church in Fishersville, give a small presentation, and listen as they presented some ideas they had for helping this community. Bridge is already one of our First Responding churches. They decided to put their own spin on assisting families that say “yes” to children in crisis. We were so touched by their hearts, and impressed with their ideas!

They are going to collect items for gift baskets to be given to families at the time a new child is welcomed. Here were some of their ideas.

*Healthy kid snacks

*Breakfast food items for foster family- who wants to make breakfast the morning after a placement??

*Paper plates--they brought up the good point that a family may not have enough plates after receiving a new placement.

*Coffee gift card-- Bless them!

*Food gift card--for easy dinners right after welcoming the child!

Fun activity for stress relief--they wanted to bless foster families with opportunities for fun and normalcy by giving bowling or movie gift cards.

*Devotional for parents

*Relaxation aid (candles, Worship music, etc)

*Handwritten note

Bridge is one of a few local churches we are so blessed to team up with. If you’d like to join us through becoming a First Responder, or, like Bridge, have some original idea you’d like to suggest, message us on Facebook today! Much thanks to Bridge, and to our other local partner churches!

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