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Foster Fridays: An Open Letter to my Son

I love your smile. Oh how it melts my heart. This smile is new.

It is a smile of a secure attachment.

You were never used to adults putting you first. You didn’t know what adults can and should do. They were unsafe.

You used to miss out on the little things. Getting helping with homework. Loved ones showing up to games. Your adults going to your school to volunteer. Not even your birthday was a priority.

It’s sad and true kids from hard places don’t get to be kids. Now, B, you no longer have to be the caretaker of others. You play football as your new squad of siblings cheer you on.

We are excited for every hug and smile.  

We now get hugs most days.

We get smiles that will melt your heart.

So proud that you are forever ours.

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