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Foster Fridays

A man who was close to my family feels so overpowered by his life and past trauma, that he’s self-medicating. Within one week, two different friends confided in me that they are being sexually harassed at work. Other friends are dealing with racial microaggressions at church...where they’re just trying to meet with God.

When I hear these things, it’s hard not to react with despair. There are so many problems that are destroying lives. Where to begin? How can I possibly help? Which should I focus on? 

One day it hit me...when you’re involved in foster care, you are automatically reaching into many diverse areas of pain. The main issue that breaks your heart? It’s probably related to foster care somehow. Are you wanting to help those struggling with mental health?  Does your heart break when you think about people experiencing homelessness? Are you passionate about social justice and fighting systemic racism? Do you have a burden for those caught up in sex trafficing? Kids end up in foster care because of these issues. Offering love and support to a child, and by extension their family, can help break cycles. It can also open your eyes to suffering you were previously oblivious to, when you educate yourself instead of passing judgement. 

I still often look around at the brokenness in the world and experience complete overwhelment. But I’m thankful that foster care has given me the avenue to reach into multiple areas of pain with the love of Jesus.

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