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Foster Fridays

A beautiful reminder from our Executive Director, Jen.

Why do we foster? Simply, we foster because of the love Jesus has given us. This relentless, redemptive love.

Foster Care is messy, complicated, unpredictable, heartbreaking, soul-crushing, beautiful, redeeming, breathtaking, mile-stone celebrating, paper cutting, joyful... and full of the living gospel.

So why choose this messy life style?

Foster Care is about allowing your life to be interrupted. Jesus was always willing to be interrupted, and to meet people right where they were. Foster Care is about seeing the forgotten as chosen. It's about living out the gospel in your living room. It's about reunification and adoption. It's about cheering along-side of, and advocating for. It’s a year (or more!) of firsts.

Foster care is creating a community that is healthier for all of us, because when we put kids first we are saying “yes” to our future- today and every day.

Recently, I was able to meet up with our children's mom- we had a great time.

It's heartbreaking and beautiful.

The two of us sat and loved on our kids. Two women who otherwise would never have crossed paths, who have mutual respect and love for each other, all because of Jesus.

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